1. Red sky tonight in Brooklyn, NYC, Bushwick. …

  2. Forecast for NYC, Snow

  3. So many snows on the subway tracks outside my living room window….

  4. Someone representin’ the Dirty D in Middle Village, Queens, NYC this morning. ..

  5. Cemetery, Middle Village, Queens, NYC

  6. Winter tree, cemetery, Middle Village, Queens, NYC

  7. TGIF.. Black Russian at the homestead…courtesy of Kahluha, Sobieski and a cute, small glass. Bushwick Brooklyn NYC

  8. I went out to check on my car last night in the blizzard… Second big snowstorm of 2014, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC…

  9. A little slice of Brooklyn, NYC from the JZM platform at Myrtle and Broadway.

  10. Secret side entrance to St. John the Baptist, Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY.

  11. Definitely top 5 pizzerias in NYC,Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. Nono Di Fara didnt know I was taking this picture, and yes that is a painting of him on the wall slicing a pie while he is slicing my pie.

  12. The FACE

  13. *yawn*

  14. This is a bug king. It was waving its antennae around and looking right at me, I swear it wanted a photo taken for the posterity of its reign.

  15. I got a private backstage tour for #JerseyBoys on #Broadway today w my client Debra Barsha, associate choir director and #BroadwayInspirationalVoices conductor for the #YeahYeahYeahs. I got to stand on the stage!!!